Special Inventory

• The special inventory works the same as the normal one.

• The items from the special inventory cannot be moved to the normal one or the other way around.

• The special inventory can be opened by pressing the U Key or by using the button left to the inventory.

• Each of the 3 inventories has 4 pages for storing items.

• The special inventory has 3 categories:

Category Items stored in the inventory
Upgrade Items In this inventory, upgrade items (for every in-game item) and permits for dungeons are stored.
Books In this inventory, books for pet's evolution and abilities are stored.
Wines & Ores In this inventory, wines and ores (necessary for crafting most of the refinements) are stored.

• The items from the special inventory can be negotiated, separated, dropped, destroyed, sold and even moved to the storage, just as the ones from the main inventory.

• The collected or purchased items will automatically and instantly move to the special inventory (if they belong to one of the above categories).