• The Reborn system consists in restarting the journey from a lower level (level 50), each time stronger than before.

• The reborn window can be opened by pressing the F8 Key or by using the button to the left of the inventory.

• After you reborn, the skills and the status points will be reset and your character will be teleported to Map1. 

• All the items that are above level 50 will be unequipped and moved in the inventory.

Each Reborn requires a special sword.

Stage Requirements Drop
Reborn I Infinity Sword Chaos, Nephrite
Reborn II Hero Sword Jotun
Reborn III Dawn Sword Meley, Hydra, Cosmic Dragon
Reset to level 50 Ingot 1kkkk  

Every Reborn stage will offer different bonuses, which will be automatically activated.

Bonus Reborn I Reborn II Reborn III
Max. PV +3% +4% +4%
Strong vs. All(PvM) +4% +4% +4%
Strong vs Half-Humans +4% +5% +4%