• In this topic you may find some possible fixes for the problems that occur at the client:



• This error can be influenced by many factors: internet connection, viruses, anti-virus or even the not updated drivers.

Method 1 – Make sure that you do not have another client opened at the same time. Restart the computer to be sure. After restarting it, enter 3-4 times with the patcher. If the error stills appears, try restarting the router.

Method 2 – Uninstall the client, deactivate the anti-virus and restart the PC. Afterwards, download the client again from the site!

Method 3 – In the worst case, the problem is due to the internet connection. Try following the steps from HERE.



If the PC consumes a lot of resources, it's possible to have the next surprise:

Make sure that there isn't another client running, restart the computer. If the error still persists, then:

Method 1 – Deactivate the anti-virus and the windows defender because it doesn't allow the creation of some files that are classified as false-positive viruses.

Method 2 - Deactivate the anti-virus and delete the Pack folder. Afterwards, enter with the auto-patcher.

You don't know how to deactivate the Windows Defender? Follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Open Start menu

Step 2 – Settings

Step 3 – Search

Step 4 – Click on 

Step 5 – Click on

Step 6 – Deactivate  

Method 3 – If you have a router, it might be a problem with it. Connect the internet cable directly to the PC/Laptop. It's probable that the router, after a period of time, loses from its power and the internet becomes slower.



• If you encounter this error, the anti-virus has deleted an important file from the client, which causes it to not open. Therefore:

Method 1 - Deactivate the anti-virus and try again.

Method 2 – If the first method didn't work, then uninstall the client, deactivate the antivirus, restart the PC, download the client again from the site and install it.


4. Your system does not support 3D Graphics

• This error can be fixed this way:

Method 1 – Try changing the game resolution from the config file, located inside the game's folder.

Method 2 - If you want to play fullscreen, you have to make sure that the selected resolution from config matches with the screen's resolution, otherwise this error will appear.

Method 3 - If the problem occured after updating a driver, try downgrading it.


5. FATAL ERROR! Python Library

Method 1 - Put the metin's folder on another partition.

Method 2 - Install the lib file and insert it in the game's folder. Or you can try running Rodnia_Fix_Dlls from the game's folder.

Method 2 - This error might be from Windows. Right click on the launcher, select Properties, then go  to General and tick the Read-Only option. Restart the computer. Reinstall the client, and before unzipping it, deactivate the antivirus.


6. LOG LoadLocaleError

• Open the pack folder and delete the locale.eix È™i locale.epk files , then launch the Rodnia Patcher.


7. Error during the torrent-update

• Usually, this error occurs when the client is too old. (Example: The client has not been updated for 2-3 months, and when you launch it the problem appears) or the update is blocked by the anti-virus.

Method 1 - Deactivate the anti-virus, check the internet connection and launch the AutoPatcher with administrator rights. Make sure that there isn't any other client opened.

Method 2 – Uninstall the client, enter the site and install it again. Deactivate the anti-virus, unzip the file and launch the AutoPatcher with administrator rights.

Method 3 – If the previous methods didn't work, restart the router.



Method 1 - Close all the opened Metin2 games, you can restart the computer to make sure they are closed. Launch the game again.

Method 2 -  Update the drivers of the video card. The problem is that the video card doesn't "know" about the 800x600 resolution and it can be solved from the driver's settings.

       → For NVIDIA video cards : Open NVIDIA control panel. At Resolution untick "Show only TV”

       → For AMD video cards : Open AMD Catalyst Control Center. At "Properties (Digital Flat-Panel)" (located below"Desktops and Displays" > "My Digital Flat-Panels") untick "Show only TV resolutions".

Method 3 - This problem usually appears on the Windows 10 at laptops with integrated graphics card INTEL (especially at HP laptops)

1. Uninstall the game.

2. Update the video card's drivers.

3. Right click on the screen and select: Graphics Properties.

4. Choose the Display tab.

5. Select Advanced Mode and choose custom resolutions. Select the resolution Width 800 Height 600 Refresh rate 60.

6. Reinstall the game.


9. Missing .dll files

Method 1 - If you are missing .dll files, launch with administrator rights the Rodnia_fix_Dlls file from the game's folder.

Method 2 - Download Net Framework.